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Today’s market is volatile and thus, requires you to do a lot of things right. For Ukrainians selling to Americans, it’s even more difficult since most are not native English speakers. So, getting a sales trainer is an excellent step to prosperity, but keep in mind that the best sales coaches in the world are English native speakers. You need a personal sales coach who offers English teaching for non native speakers, and for Ukrainians, that sales trainer is Lucas Cavazos.

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Prosper in this volatile market funding.

Lucas Cavazos is based in Odessa, Ukraine and with him as your personal sales coach and English teacher, get ready to watch your sales skyrocket. Here are reasons to contact Lucas Cavazos;

Affordable Tuition

Get English teaching for non native speakers at very competitive rates.

Success Driven

We are determined to help you speak American English fluently.

Business Partners

We remain to be your partners even after the sales training.

English for American Business

Over the decades, English sales language has been vital to the success of American salesmen and businesses. Understanding this American model will help a Ukrainian salesman succeed.

English For American Business Culture

On the course, we practice: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, soft skills, speaking & writing.

Result: You increase the level of English, from the first lesson you start using phrases, words, templates for letters at work. You get a professionally written resume in English, so you can be interviewed for a foreign project.

Communication Drills

On the course, we practice Pronunciation, soft skills, & speaking in a fluent manner.

Result: You increase your English communication skills. For your lessons, you will learn the American pronunciation of words and exercise on your English-speaking skills. Therefore, you can communicate in American English with enough confidence to win over a new client. 

American-Business Vocabulary Courses and Coaching

On the course, we practice: Grammar & vocabulary

Result: Exponential growth for your mastery of the English vocabulary. You will learn new phrases, and words with their synonyms and antonyms. With numerous at the tip of your tongue, speaking and writing in English for American business becomes more fluent and confident.

American English Pronunciation Coaching

On the course, we practice: Pronunciation

Result: Excellent pronunciation skills that will allow you to speak English like a native. Your confidence in face-to-face and over the phone conversations with your clients improves, and you are able to connect with them at a deeper level. You also get improved mastery of the American accent.

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We are innovative educational team with extensive secret knowledge in the fields of education dedicated to RAPID GROWTH AND EXPANSION.

If you want to know how to speak American English fluently, we have secret techniques that will help you get there faster. Our educational team has an unmatched wealth of knowledge and experience that will turn you into a better salesperson. We are also continually trying to develop better coaching techniques for our clients, ensuring their rapid growth and expansion.

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We are a diverse community of teachers and learners. Our members are friendly, always willing to help each other out.

Winning in your market

Dominating your MARKETPLACE


Increased Professionalism

Increased Income

Increased Income

Happier Customers

Improved Morale

How do we teach

One on One Coaching Sessions

Personalized coaching sessions increases each students ability to retain information and grow in their studies


Personal feedback from the teacher on completed assignments and in a private chat. The teacher is in touch with you and is ready to answer your questions!

30 mins to 1 hour study blocks

Dedicated time to follow up and ensure that you are getting the best out of this program. 1 hour, with Lucas's full attention.

Mentoring and motivation

Offering extensive mentoring and motivation to ensure that you soar even greater heights in your business as a non-native.

English for American Business

Learning English to boost your client interaction goes beyond mastering the typical day to day American words. While this is still important, keep in mind that professionals speak differently, which is where a native English teacher like Lucas Cavazos comes in handy. As your sales coach, he will teach you everything you need to know about business English and how to speak with American clients. With this mastery, you will be able to talk with native speakers in a clear and convincing manner, building long-lasting relationships with your clients.

American-English Business Fluency

so that you have an advantage over other specialists

Making English a habit

so that you have an advantage over other specialists

We teach American-cultural communication

so that you have an advantage over other specialists

We develop sales training programs

so that you have an advantage over other specialists

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If you are having trouble connecting with your American clients, contact us, and we’ll help better your English.


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    We have developed not just an English course for American Business, and a course for professional growth in American Business.

    As much as we are committed to helping you figure out how to speak American English fluently and confidently, we also want to see your American Business grow professionally in the process.