Sales Coach

Hi! I am an American and native English speaker living in the city center of Odessa, Ukraine!

An English Native Speaker with a background in American Sales

I am currently helping one tele-remote sales team here in Odessa, Ukraine understand the American culture as well as important facts of the sales process known to almost everyone American and what Americans expect/require/demand from any professional salesman (and when not done, any sense of respect, altitude and trust is virtually lost: resulting in financial major losses). Americans will always speak loudest with their pocket books.
The ensuing text is coined “Road to the Sale”
Fact Finding
Appraisal (Buyer Profile) (when someone is trading something in)
Product Selection
Demonstration (features and benefits of the products selected)
The Trial Close (how close are they are to purchasing)
The Service Walk (to service them over the sale)
The Write UP (write up every customer)
Negotiations (come to a final agreement)
The Close
The Delivery
The Follow Up (phone, email, personal visits)

Ukrainians are throwing away millions of dollars each day over the phone on sales.

While these steps/words are not known by heart by most American salesmen, they are done automatically as a cultural norm. However in my time in Ukraine, as a professional salesman with close to two decades of experience, I literally chuckle when handled by “salesman” in Ukraine. Salesmen are NOT cashiers, but in Ukraine (post-communism) the technology of sales is virtually unknown. Only 70 years ago was this technology actually explored (Big League Sales by Les Dane) and built upon in America even after hundreds of years of capitalism. This situation is quite understandable of what Ukraine is going through at the moment and does explain the economy, as salesmen are actually what drives the economy itself.
Over and over again, I’ve heard sales calls where untrained Ukrainians are literally throwing away hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars away just seconds before the close of a sales (real money coming into the company). It’s actually pretty frustrating for me to listen to as I feel physical pain when someone loses their sales. Some of these corrections (once known) can take only a few seconds to implement to prevent future gross income losses to Odessa-based corporations. Let me help you understand what Americans are saying and thinking and are expecting, as they are vastly different things that would confuse any sane Ukrainian 😂.

I do have many years of Sales Experience (and have personally Sold Millions of Dollars worth of Services: nearly one million before age 18).

That said, my current knowledge-system is not knowledge I have invented myself. I have been a student of Grant Cardone and studied his audiobooks/materials for the last four years (10X RULE, BE OBSESSED OR BE AVERAGE, SELL OR BE SOLD, THE CLOSERS SURVIVAL GUIDE, HOW TO GET AND STAY MOTIVATED), around 3 hours or more each day to become inspired with my own personal self-development, trainings and studies, even was lucky enough to meet Grant in person while in Houston during a seminar😁. I am a current student on Cardone University and will continue to be as there is new technologies and refinements of the technology being continuously updated. I hold many certificates acquired in Los Angeles from other organizations based on similar technologies and principles whose trainings exceeds the financial investment of $100k. However, I believe the only expensive training anyone ever pays for is the training NOT done. TRAINING NEVER COSTS YOU MONEY. NOT TRAINING COSTS YOU MONEY 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸.

If anyone is looking for a “Sales Trainer” for the American mindset and how to sell to Americans please send me a message.

I can come to your office, listen to calls, and see what is the most glaring outpoints that need corrections, and together we can set very real goals/policies to expand the income of your organization starting today (and in my estimation quickly doubling the gross income if just this one step is actually done correctly, but often never done here in Ukraine due to the culture). Also I am willing to travel to any Russian speaking territory/lands in order to be of service to to others.

(The photo, circa 1992, is me with my original sales coach, my father Adam Cavazos. At age 9, I started my first sales experience selling Christmas Trees with my father at Wal-Mart and only 3 years later, age 12, did I begin knocking door to door doing sales prospecting for his company)