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A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

    Best English sales coaches in the world are mostly based in the US, according to the research organization Global Gurus 1. They have a proven track record of helping employees and companies boost their sales. Not just being a native English speaker (aka “Native Speaker”), giving lectures and speeches, sales training, and improving sales performance – but should also know the global approach of what we can all learn from the American culture in selling.

    If you are a non native English speaker, this article will help you understand why you need to learn more about the way Americans do business. Understanding the American culture, market, purchase behavior, and the way they do business should be combined with knowing how to speak American English fluently. Especially for work and personal development, a sales coach and english coach with native level English will help you grow while reaching more customers.

    Best sales coaches would agree that on how to speak American English fluently and confidently would help a lot in communicating with clients. If someone says ‘I am native in English’, it doesn’t automatically mean that that person can do English teaching or English Coaching for non native speakers. The English coach should also have full knowledge of US businesses and how they operate.


    Selling to American customers is like dealing with the international standard of consumers, in a way that they know their rights as a customer. Having one of the biggest markets in the world and known for high-quality products and services, you can get the hang of what to improve and to start doing. These are some points that can help you understand today’s American consumers better.

    AMERICANS ARE OPEN TO SHOPPING IN DIFFERENT WAYS. Americans are open to the idea of Online-only retailers, discount centers, and membership-only shopping. More often, the goods found in these shops have special prices where they can save more. 87% of American consumers still prefer in-store shopping 2, but online stores are gaining popularity.

    THEY STICK TO THEIR FAVORITE BRANDS. They want to spend less on the same brand that they use. Americans are usually brand conscious and loyal to what they are already using. You’ll often hear them use coupons or loyalty points in order to save on their favorite brands. However, they can substitute for a cheaper option in case they find that a certain item of the same or better quality.

    MODERN AMERICAN MOTHERS KNOW BEST. Most Advertisements in the US are either family or mother focused. ‘Millennial mothers’ are focused on getting the best for their money, and often associated with budgeting household finances. Most products and services can target this market as they have understandable purchase behavior.


    Now that we have learned a few things about American customers, let us see how we can impress these customers. As Americans still expect high standards in providing great customer service, here are what we can apply to all of our internal and external customers.


    Imagine being handed a proposal in writing, and someone discusses it in front of you. However, that person just reads out the same information on the document that you have. It doesn’t make sense right? Even in doing your sales pitch, use your own words. Americans prefer to do business with you if you avoid talking in verbatim. Sometimes they may prefer to speak with a native speaker instead, but if you will emphasize the features, benefits, and advantages in simpler terms, they will surely give their time to listen.


    Treat each of your customers differently. An American sales coach knows well how to impress customers by giving a more personalized approach. This will help them think that you are not treating them the same as other customers. A simple way of doing this is to ask if you can address them in their first name. You may also ask what their preferences are, in order to have an idea of how you can help them with their needs.


    As customers, we are always used to hear the phrase ‘Is there anything else I can help you with?’. This is a simple way of going the extra mile. This is the part when a salesperson would ask if there is anything else that they could be of service. A sales coach will help you to convert these ‘extra steps’ into profits, depending on the product, service, and process that the company is offering.

    Based on the research made by Cardone Enterprises (from the world’s number one Sales and Marketing Trainer Grant Cardone), 91% of customers say that they would give a referral, while only 11% of salespeople ask for them. We know that customer feedback is essential to know what we can improve on what we are selling, while word-of-mouth advertising can improve sales performance at minimal cost. As we go an ‘extra mile’ with our customers, research shows that our customers can do the same for salespeople.


    Based on the research made by one of the leading providers of market and consumer data in the world 3English is one of the most used languages online. Together with the growth of smartphones and easier access to the internet, businesses have made sure that they have an online presence. This could also mean that English literacy is increasing all over the world. Having an English Language native speaker will help you reach more customers more than ever.  If you are wondering how to find native English speakers online, your search is now over.

    As the saying goes, ‘Great performers don’t get there on their own’. In one way or the other, they were taught and given information that made them successful. Let’s see how an American sales trainer can help your sales performance:


    If you have started working for a company at the senior level, there are some processes and information that those below you in the organizational chart are good at. Getting a personal sales coach and english coach will help you gain more insight based on their observations, conclusions, and knowledge they have learned with their years of experience.


    Top sales coaches know different techniques on how to boost sales faster, resulting in better sales performance. This can reduce stress by figuring out what should be improved and what should stop doing. The faster a person can learn, the faster they can apply what they have learned. See their performance grow right away, and maintain it with constant coaching and support.


    An American sales coach can act as an English teacher as well! Most likely, the trainer will communicate with you in American English, which will make the way for you to get better in speaking, writing, and reading in that language. Often correspondence to the sales coach will end your search on ‘how to find native English speakers’ and ‘how to learn American accent fast’ while learning how to improve sales. As a native English speaker, you can also pick up jargon and slang along the way, which will help you better understand American culture.

    The American English Language is a variety of English that is the most widely used internationally. American English is known to be the Universal Language – with the influence of Western culture  – you can go global when you use American English as a native language. Whether for personal or for business correspondence, speak like an American English  Native and see how you can earn people’s trust easily.


    As American consumers themselves, they know what should be given attention in order to perform better. A sales trainer will help you correct your mistakes in selling and improve your best sales practices by giving a straight-forward feedback.


    In case you are getting a sales trainer and english teacher, the new hires will be exposed to speak English as a native speaker at the start of their career in the company. This will help them be ready for a more competitive global market and develop a world-class skill set that will make them top sales performers. This will make the early stage of their career prepared for the modern market.


Many countries look up to the US because of their exemplary business etiquette and the opportunities tied to it. If you are living and/or doing business in Ukraine, these practices will also help you gain leverage on both Westerners and the locals. Now, let us see the differences in each business culture to have better information on how they do business and how we can apply what we have known with American consumers and businesses.

EQUALITY. Americans stick to the usual 9-5 timings but used to work longer hours with fewer holidays. Most well-known US companies value an employee’s mental well-being and work-life balance. Believing in equality, the US workplace is open to workers regardless of age, race, gender, and people with disabilities.

Ukrainians may be seen as unfriendly, but they value hospitality and relationships. Meetings may be done in their own homes, as they prefer to do it over meals to show their hospitality to their business associates. In meetings, being late for a few minutes (less than 5 minutes) is usually fine. Please note that Ukraine still sees the importance of traditional gender roles, where men take the lead and women are in charge of keeping things together.

PROFESSIONALISM. Tagged as one of the leading economic powerhouses in the world, American businessmen can be powerful and persuasive. Being open to bargaining, they know how to compromise to meet halfway if possible. They would seek a verbal agreement but will prefer paper documents to seal the deal. They also look forward to seeking a personal relationship with their associates or business partners, to know them better apart from their qualifications and experience. However, they are strictly professional depending on the industry you are working or dealing with.

In doing business with Ukrainians, especially if you are a westerner, they usually recheck all aspects of the deal. Most of them believe that someone will have losses and the other will gain and may rethink who got a better deal. They will always prefer a face-to-face meeting than closing the deal over the phone. Expect a short talk and as they would like to know better who they are dealing with.

SEIZING OPPORTUNITIES. Risk-takers while being optimistic, as what is usually seen with the Western business outlook. Consider double-checking the legality in doing business with them – the country has numerous risk control which can lead to multiple lawsuits when overlooked. Businesses from foreign countries may have a hard time entering the American market – which an American sales trainer can help.

Since the country has been seen to have an authoritarian perspective, governmental entities are usually involved in setting up a business in Ukraine. Shake hands are important to them, and handing a business card with Ukrainian translation is preferred. It goes the same with documents, they would appreciate a translation to understand the agreement better.


1. HIGHLY RATED. Odessa in Ukraine is a booming city when it comes to remote services and it’s growing so fast. Based on the list made by (the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, Marketing, and Business service providers in the US) 4, you will see that the highest rated companies like Intellias, Synebo, and Sigma Software have experience with the American business culture. They either have an office or headquarters in the USA.

2. BRIDGING THE GAP. Provectus is one of the well-known IT Software company in Odessa, Ukraine. The headquarters and its CEO Gennady Galanter are based in the US. Having employees and offices in the US, helped them learn more about the country’s culture and how to be successful in it and apply to their satellite offices. Logistics and IT companies in Ukraine have been competing with a scarce talent pool of easily available American sales trainers and English coaches. There are a few American Sales Coach in Ukraine, and only they can bridge this gap.

3. PROVEN GROWTH. Aside from the research made by Clutch Co., familiarity and experience of working with Americans have been proven to boost their number of clients. One of the biggest internet marketing agencies in Europe – Netpeak – has a satellite branch in both New York, USA, and Odessa, Ukraine. Check on their clients and reviews and review page of their Ukrainian website, and you will see a lot of American-based companies have reached out to them to improve their local online presence.

4. UNDERSTANDING BOTH CULTURES. If you are from the US and seeking guidance on setting up a business in Ukraine you will need a person who can help you penetrate the Eastern European country. Only an American Sales Trainer who has lived in Ukraine can help bridge the gap between the two cultures, the AMERICAN BUSINESS CULTURE and the UKRAINE BUSINESS CULTURE. They know what it takes to transact with Americans while giving value to the Ukrainian business culture. They can help you maximize the opportunities and grow the business in the long run.


Grant Cardone believes that 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact; while 48% percent of salespeople never follow up with a prospect. His tagline says that we can make our business, income, and life 10X better based on his best-selling book ‘The 10X Rule’. We have to challenge ourselves with limitless possibilities and opportunities to fulfill our true potential. Improve your skills constantly to achieve success, and once you have it, take care and maintain it by constantly seeking for things to improve.

92% of employees think that it is important that they have access to personal development 5. Aside from boosting an employee’s morale, the advantage of having one is the personalized improvement plan which can help them in their sales performance as well. From their profession, it is expected for sales coaches to improve the sales skills of the team.

If you don’t know what you are doing, might as well you can’t teach others. Let’s say you are looking at how to find a native speaker to practice English, you expect the person to have their English level native. The same as sales coaches, you expect them to give coaching on what they are good at – sales. A salesperson can learn from another salesperson, but they don’t have the skill required in adapting to someone’s learning curve like what a sales trainer can do.

Overall, sales coaching with a native English speaker is important as it has a global approach. It will not just help you to penetrate the US market, but any country as well. Apart from having a better sales performance, a sales coach from the US will help you familiarize on how to deal with American companies and customers. They can also be your native English teacher, teaching you how to learn American English speaking, how to learn American accent, or how to learn American slang.  English as a universal language can open many doors to success, and conquer the opportunities ahead of you worldwide.

Looking for a sales coach in Odessa, Ukraine? Lucas Cavazos is an American sales coach and an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher in Ukraine, helping to educate non native English speakers on the mindset of American businessmen, fostering Eastern Europeans to better control their sales cycles with American customer. He has years of hands-on sales experience in the USA, and generated millions of dollars in revenue. Now based in Ukraine, he helps control outsourcing key tech services for American based businesses with an initial focus on digital marketing. Recognized for proven marketing strategies, marketing consultation, and business development. He is also a fitness enthusiast. Visit to know more about him.

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